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City of Stuart, Florida

121 SW Flagler Avenue, Stuart, FL, 34994, US



Welcome to the City of Stuart Special Events Application page.

Please ensure that you are ready to submit your site and or route plan for the event.

Once the Special Events Division receives the application and site/route plan, it will be processed, and an email will be sent regarding the application fee and security deposit payment. Payment can be made online via the link in the email.

Stuart’s Single-Use Plastic Policy is in effect.
No Styrofoam or single-use plastic associated with food service shall be given to customers at this event. Beverages may be served in recyclable cups, cans, or bottles. Violations can incur a $250.00 fine for the first offense. Any violation shall serve as grounds to revoke the deposit for the permitted event and may also serve as grounds for refusal to issue a permit for the event or to the applicant for any event in the future. Stuart Code of Ordinance 2413-2019; 2416-2019. Reference Reducing Plastic Waste Eco-Friendly Special Event Guide for more information on acceptable non-plastic food service ware options.

For more information please contact the phone number on the application.
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By continuing I agree that I have read and understand the information and agree to comply with all Statutes, County and City Ordinances and the general instructions along with the special conditions issued by the City.
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